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Here at HandL Blogs, we have a passion for all things tech. Technology is at the centre of society with people relying on the latest tech innovations to go about their daily lives. However, whilst we have been travelling, we have noticed how different countries and different cultures use tech in different ways. We have also discovered some of the best tech and gadgets that we never knew existed until we travelled to that location and we wanted to share them in our tech blogs. Find reviews on all the latest tech we encounter and use on a daily basis, plus technology and gadget news and much more in our tech blogs.


The Latest On Technology News From Country To Country

Our tech blogs cover all the latest technology trends and crazes within one of the most fast-paced and revolutionising industries on the planet. Think how fast our technology has developed in the past couple of decades and you will be dumbfounded. It is crazy to think that only a few decades ago, the internet wasn’t even a thing and a mobile phone was something you saw in movies! Nowadays, you would not be able to live without it and tech is something we rely on in all aspects of our lives. From watching the television to using tech to communicate halfway across the world, technology can do amazing things and it is only going to get better. If you would like to keep informed and maybe learn something new, read our tech blogs today and read about all the crazy tech news from all the different countries we have travelled to. 


Reviews On The Newest Tech & Gadgets We Have Found

From tech and software we use every day to write these travel blogs to gadgets we have come across in different countries. We have tried and tested so many different types of tech so much so that we have a selection of tech review blogs that provide insight into the best softwares and gadgets we have used. Our tech reviews provide a full breakdown of the different softwares and gadgets plus provide some useful insights on the price and general use of the tech we are reviewing as well. Read our tech review blogs online today.


Learn How Technology Is Being Used In Countries We Have Visited

Travelling the world allows us to uncover some of the hidden gems in which different countries use different types of tech across the world. Whether that is an airport using a new nifty gadget which speeds up boarding times or it is an app or software we have used whilst on our travels that has made our lives 100 times easier. No matter what it is, we have created tech blogs so you can view our takes on the latest technology and gadgets we have found whilst exploring different countries.


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