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When travelling continent to continent, country to country, city to city, we try to stay in shape best we can. Although it can be hard to maintain your fitness goals whilst travelling the globe, stuck in a constant nomadic lifestyle and always on the move; our fitness blog documents all the ways we attempt to keep mentally and physically well whilst travelling. We have picked up some tips and tricks when travelling to ensure that we stay fit and focused on our fitness goals. Not only this but we try to embrace other cultures and their ways of keeping fit. Read our fitness blogs that provide fitness reviews on the best gyms, equipment, sports and more that we have experienced whilst travelling.

Reviewing The Best Gyms In The World

Keeping fit and on track with our fitness goals whilst travelling means that we have to hop around a lot of different types of gyms in all the different locations we visit. This means that we have trained in some of the best and some of the most unique gyms on the globe. From gyms on beaches to gyms with a cliffside view from the bench press, we have visited all types of gyms. Not only this but we have documented and reviewed all of our favourite and most unique gyms we have visited within the fitness blog category. Read our reviews on the best gyms across the world in our fitness blogs category online today.

Our Fitness Travel Tips & Guides

Too many times on the internet you will come across a fitness and health blog that promises unrealistic expectations and that you will be able to “lose 25kg in one week” or “gain muscle by eating this vitamin every day.” at the end of the day, this is not true. These types of fitness blogs leave an unrealistic goal and more often than not are just trying to flog you a product for their own financial gain with no respect or care given towards their readers. These types of blogs can leave you disheartened, and unmotivated and leave you with unrealistic expectations of yourself. Here at HandL Blogs our fitness blogs are the complete opposite, they contain genuine information with factual and realistic fitness and health expectations so as good as “losing 25kg in one week” may sound, our blogs won’t promise that, however, we will offer you actual sound and credible information that will benefit your health and fitness journey within the long run. It’s a marathon and not a sprint after all!

Keeping Physically & Mentally Well Whilst Travelling

It is vital to ensure that your physical and mental wellbeing is always being looked after and in a good position, no matter what in life. However, when you are travelling, especially as a solo traveller, keeping your mental and physical wellbeing as in a good as shape as possible is paramount. We know how tough it can be when you are away from home for months when you are travelling the world and it can be difficult to maintain any type of routine when it comes to fitness and health. However, we have created fitness articles that can help keep you on track with your fitness goals when you are travelling for months at a time with no real structure. Read our fitness blogs online today and learn how to master your physical and mental wellbeing whilst travelling.

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