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Discover The Foods & Drinks Of The World

Our mission at HandL Blogs is to travel the world in search of some of the best types of food and drink. We know how important cuisine and dinning is across the globe and how much of a role food and drink can play in allowing you to fully experience the culture of a particular destination you are travelling in. Therefore, as typical foodies who have a love of trying different types of food and different types of restaurants, you will find a wide selection of cooking blogs, food reviews and recipes of different foods and drinks we have tried across all the different countries and destinations we have visited.  Read our cooking blogs today and discover the best food and drink the world has to offer.


Reviewing The World’s Best Food & Drink

When travelling to a new country, we always make sure that we experience everything we can in that particular area. Therefore, when it comes to trying the local food and drink, we make sure that we have spoken to the locals of that particular area so we can find the best spots and eat some of the most authentic cuisine that area of the world has to offer. That way we can identify the best restaurants and bars within that particular city or town and provide reviews on the food, drink and places that we ate at. Read our food and drink reviews in the cooking blogs category today and learn about the best destinations to eat on your holiday.


Recipes Of The Best Meals We Have Tried In Every Country

When it comes to meal time, it can get boring and tedious having the same meals every other week, not to mention it’s a kick in the teeth if they just taste dull and bland as well. Here at HandL Blogs, we are here to help you live the best life you possibly can. Throughout our travels, we have uncovered some of the best recipes and tastiest meals that we now cook all the time even if we are not in the country. Now, we might not cook it as good as the locals do, but we have recipes on some of our meals we have eaten from all across the world. So if you are tired of the same boring meals, why not experience a taste of flavour from around the rest of the world with our cooking recipes from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania


Discover The Best Restaurants & Bars In Every City

On our travels, we like to get a taste of what the locals are eating on the daily and whether that is a hidden street food market or a modern, top of the range Michelin Star restaurant we want to experience the full flavours in which that destination has to offer. Our cooking blogs, provide reviews on the best restaurants and bars we have visited in every city we have visited. Therefore if you are in the search of the best places to eat or drink when you are on your own holidays, look no further than our food and drink review blogs


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