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As two friends who love to travel continent to continent across the globe, we love experiencing different cultures and different ways of life. We have a passion for travel and that passion stems from experiencing our love for our favourite hobbies in different countries. When experiencing different countries we love to see their takes on our different passions of cooking, fitness and tech. From eating their traditional foods; taking part in their national sports or using the different technology their country offers. Discover travel blogs on a range of all the topics we love. From written articles on travel, cooking, fitness and tech in countries across the globe. 

Discover The Foods Of The World

One of our shared interests in the world is eating and dinning on some of the tastiest cuisines in the world. You will find a selection of food and drink blogs on our website providing food reviews, restaurant recommendations and personal accounts of some of the best food and drink we have tried from across the globe. The world is full of great and mouth watering meals and here at HandL Blogs one of our main goals when travelling country to country is to experience the best food and best drink in that area. Read our cooking blogs from different countries online today. 

Fitness Across The Globe

When we travel, we always pride ourselves on staying fit and healthy no matter what country we travel to. Whether that is trying out different types of gyms in different countries or having a go at the national sport of that country. We like to keep an open mind when it comes to our physical and mental wellbeing when travelling so we are always eager to get involved in the local sport and fitness regime of the local people of the area we are travelling in. Discover our fitness blogs where we discuss the local fitness recommendations, sport reviews and much more.

The Latest In Tech From Country To Country

In this current world, we know how important technology is in our current society. As we both share a passion in tech and the latest innovations in the industry, when travelling we like to keep an eye out in the different ways other countries use technology and gadgets in their every day lifestyle. Discover tech blogs and articles on the latest tech news across the world as well as technology and gadget reviews on innovations we have discovered when travelling continent to continent. Read our tech blogs online today.

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Our travel blogs will help you uncover parts of the world you never even knew about with focus on topics such as cooking, fitness and tech. Our blogs will help you experience a country inside out even before you visit with travel blogs on all the topics that matter.


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