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Travel Blogs Written By Two Friends

HandL Blogs is our passion and as two best friends who first met when they were four years old, we always shared a passion for travel, cooking, fitness and tech.


So much so that we have made it our livelihood to visit the best destinations worldwide, eat the tastiest cuisine, train in the best gyms and use the newest gadgets all across the globe.


Our names are Harry and Luke and as you may have guessed, we write travel blogs! But not only travel blogs because although we have a passion for travelling the globe, we also love to review foods, create fitness guides and keep an eye out on all the latest tech news across the world.


So much so that we thought we would create a blog about it so we can share our passion and love for travelling, eating, and working out all whilst keeping an eye out on the latest tech trends!


Discover our blogs today and uncover more about the world than you ever knew before!

Harry and Luke in the Lake District.

Travel Blogs Covering Topics That Matter

Discover The Foods Of The World

Eating and drinking is such a big part of travelling. To really understand and be part of that countries culture, you have to experience the local delicacies and local recommendations. Whether that is visiting a locals favourite restaurant or trying a famous meal that originated from that particular area. Our cooking blogs explore these topics and more when it comes travelling and cooking abroad.

Keep Healthy & Fit Whilst You Travel

One of our passions is to always keep  healthy whenever we are travelling. Across the globe, people keep active in plenty of different ways and when we travel, we like to experience different cultures and take part in the way different areas of the world like to keep well. From unique gyms to amazing sports that are popular in specific spots across the globe, you can read about it all in our fitness blog category.

Tech & Gadget News Across The Globe

In the modern day technology and gadgets have seen a rapid increase in growth. This has been seen across the world with many different cultures and countries using tech in their own unique ways to go about their every day lives. Our tech blogs explore various tech and gadget topics from all across the world. Read our tech blogs today and discover how technology is being used daily all across the world.

Travelling The World One Step At A Time

Dive in deep and feel the connection with the world with our travel blogs that are bursting with culture. Experience the country without even being there with our travel blogs that provide the best guides and travel hacks for every country around the world!

Discover the best ways to keep fit when travelling abroad; all the travel tips for amazing countries across the world; the latest gadgets and technology around the globe and the best foods and drinks to really experience the culture of a country.

When it comes to travel, uncover more of our planet with our travel blogs to help guide you along the way from people who have been here and experienced everything you need as a bustling traveller and wanderlust explorer of our amazing planet.


If you would like to know more about our own struggles and how our travel blog became to be, read about our story below.

Harry and Luke stood on a beach in Spain.