Frequently Asked Questions

Here at HandL Blogs, we love to answer all of our reader’s questions that we receive. More often than not, we receive the same questions on a regular basis so thought it would be helpful if we were to provide some context around the most common questions we receive day-to-day from our readers!


What is HandL Blogs?

HandL Blogs is a collective of all our passions and hobbies thrown into one. As we are always travelling country to country across the world we thought why not make a blog about it? Therefore you can find blogs written all about our travel adventures and in particular the types of things we get up to. We have a love for cooking, fitness and tech meaning that wherever we travel, we always try to experience eating good local food, take part in all the native national sports and keep up with all the latest tech within that region. Read our travel blogs which are bursting with culture and Uncover the World at your finger tips today. 


Does the name HandL Blogs have a hidden meaning?

The term “HandL” not only stands for a door handle that opens the door to future knowledge and information but actually stands for our two founders as well – Harry and Luke. They originally became good friends in school and have never looked back since establishing their own travel blogging website in December 2022. Nowadays, you can find Harry and Luke travelling the world somewhere getting involved with all things cooking, fitness and tech wherever they go!


Do you make money from your blogs?

One of the most common questions that we get asked here at HandL Blogs is “do we make money from our blogs?”. The answer is yes we do make money from our blogs through a combination of affiliate marketing programmes, collaborations, sponsored posts and adverts on our website. However, we always put our content and readers first and will only promote products that we personally recommend to our amazing readers and only write content with our reader’s best interests in mind. 


How can I start blogging?

If you are looking to start a blogging website but don’t know where to start, think about your passions and hobbies. What sort of things do you talk about with your friends? It can be anything, just make it unique to yourself and base it on a passion that you won’t be burnt out upon. After this, you can begin to build your website and start producing blogs about whatever you desire!


Can I request a specific topic?

If you are searching for a specific topic that we have not covered yet, please get in touch with us about your suggestions and a member of our team will be more than happy to consider your idea for our next travel blog post.


Where can I find specific blogs?

To find a specific blog, head to the blog categories page and select the blog category that you think the blog falls under. After you have done this, browse our archive of all our travel blogs and select your chosen topic. From here you can continue to read and browse your favourite travel blog


What does “Uncover the World” Mean?

Our travel blogs are designed to give our readers the best interpretation and personal recommendations from all the countries we have visited. Whether that means, a review on the best hotels, a blog on the best food, an account of the best gym or an article on the best tech we have used in a specific country, our travel blogs will always provide relevant information that gives you a complete breakdown of that specific topic we are discussing. Therefore with the different aspects and topics we cover, we slowly break down and Uncover the World to you, blog by blog, word by word. Uncover the World today with our travel blogs online now!


What type of blogging website is HandL Blogs?

HandL Blogs is a travel blog that was created by two friends who travel the world together. We really enjoy talking about travelcookingfitness and tech, so much so that we thought we would create a blog about it and thus HandL Blogs was born.