Top 5 Best Weight Loss Gym Equipment Machines In 2023 [Lose Weight Quickly]

Harry Jeffery – Uploaded 22.12.2022

Top-5 Best-Weight-Loss-Gym-Equipment-Machines

Want to lose weight but not aware of the best body fat-targeting exercises and equipment?

See that’s where we come in!

We want our readers to burn calories, lose fat and win in the gym. So that’s why we’ve listed the top 5 best weight loss equipment machines. Follow this list, and add some extra cardio exercise to your workout using the following gym machines alongside a consistent calorie deficit and watch the fat loss occur.

How much cardio exercise, is ideal for weight loss?

How many calories should I be looking to burn at the gym in order to reach my fitness goals of slimming down and getting leaner?

Realistically, depending a lot on your diet, after a gym session, a 150-250 calorie burn using cardio equipment designed to maintain as much muscle mass as possible is perfect for losing weight.


The top 5 best weight loss gym machines are:

  1. Incline treadmill
  2. Rowing machine

  3. Curved treadmill
  4. Stair climber
  5. Assault bike

Before we start, there are some things you should know about when you burn calories on cardio machines...

Instead of usual cardio exercises that mainly only improve your endurance and stamina, these exercises target fat loss whilst minimizing the amount of muscle lost.

Let’s dive deeper into how these individual cardio machines can help us lose weight in record time…

1. Incline treadmills


How it can benefit you: (Calories burned per minute | 10-15)

  • Works your leg muscles, making them stronger.
  • Low-intensity workout – for those with less stamina.
  • Burns calories, increasing overall fat loss.

Incline treadmills, to clarify, are when you position your treadmill in an uphill setting. This exercise is known to be one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

Implementing just 10 minutes of fast-paced walking on the inclined treadmill can ensure you reap great benefits including refined leg muscle mass, a leaner physique, and a better heart rate and overall health. With the average medium-sized gym owning around 10 treadmills, that’s more than any other machine beating any other gym machine!

So not only is this exercise equipment extremely beneficial when it comes to helping you lose weight, but it’s also easily accessible. Some may find this treadmill exercise to be a bit on the boring side, if so, take a look at one of our more engaging gym machines below…

2. Rowing Machine


How it can benefit you: (Calories burned per minute | 9-14)

  • Full body workout, engaging most major muscle groups.
  • High intensity – faster weight loss
  • Great for Back muscle development, upper body movements.

A classic exercise for burning calories efficiently, the rowing machine! Usually, with ten different difficulty levels, this gym machine is inclusive for beginners and experts alike. Similar to some back exercises, the motion in which you row, allows for quick upper back growth and fat burning. Also working your abs when you move back and forth as they are locked in constantly.

When we say this is a full-body workout, we are not exaggerating, any stored fat you had previously will soon become your fuel to a better body and if you include this cardio machine in your daily gym routine you will see the results in no time!

3. Curved Treadmill


How it can benefit you: (Calories burned per minute | 18-22)

  • Burn calories faster, and become leaner.
  • Allows you to become faster, training necessary leg muscles.

Adding this high-intensity interval training to your workout with regular breaks in between sprints can increase your heart rate for hours even after leaving the gym causing an afterburn effect of fat.

To perfect using this machine, you must perfect your balance and lean forwards slightly. If done correctly, you will burn more calories than a normal treadmill and the more you lean forwards and pick up your pace the faster the machine becomes!

4. Stair climber


How can it benefit you: (Calories burned per minute | 8-10)

  • Increases lower body strength, great for sports training.
  • Burn calories quickly, making you look leaner.
  • Increases explosiveness for sprints, and jumping.

The stair climber can often be referred to as one of the harder cardio machines to get used to, however, with the right settings and rest between bursts, we respectfully disagree!

Not only does this machine help you lose weight, jump higher and run faster, but it also helps when it comes to scaling the stairways…

Whether you want a quick 10 minute workout at the end or the start of your session, this cardio exercise can truly transform your lower body whilst help you in becoming leaner.

5. Assault bike


How can it benefit you: (Calories burned per minute | 10-20)

  • Full body workout, developing muscles all over the body.
  • High intensity, doesn’t wear down leg muscles.
  • Allows you to lose weight, quickly.

The assault bike is by far the best exercise machine to lose weight and build muscle this year, due to the fact your whole body is working in a wide range of motion. It works your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, core, back, and glutes, as well as many upper body muscles.

Cycling on its own is one of the best ways to burn calories, so the fact that you have the added arm motion as well cements this cardio equipment as one of the best for weight loss.

Points to conclude:

Bare in mind when it comes to losing weight and reducing fat, remaining within a calorie deficit is key, however, using any five of the exercise machines we just mentioned within your gym training plan, can give you a great boost no matter the current diet you are on.

To help further, when it comes to weight loss, cutting out necessary carbohydrates in your diet and devoting more calories of your diet to high-protein, low-fat foods, will mean that you’re destined for success.

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