Top 5 Best AI Marketing Tools To Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaigns In 2024!

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How AI marketing tools will revolutionize the digital marketing world!

Have you heard about the latest craze with AI? Is AI going to take over the world? Is the end of the world approaching?

Well, do not worry I think we are safe to say that doomsday is far away into the distance for the foreseeable future however the rate of AI improvements has grown exponentially in the past months, let alone the past few years.

Now, unless you have been living under a rock over the past few months, the explosion in popularity of Chat GPT and other AI tools coming onto the scene has rocked the world. Especially with all the cool and funny things you can do with things like AI art generators (if you’ve never used one, why not take a more detailed look at the Top 5 Best AI art generators?) however what if we were to tell you that although you can have a lot of fun with AI, you can actually implement it into your day to day marketing strategies with AI marketing tools that will boost your campaigns like never before.

Whether you are working on a portfolio of clients or within an internal marketing team, we can guarantee that these AI marketing tools will change the game when it comes to digital marketing in 2024 and if you want to stay on top of the game and get in there first, using the best ai marketing tools that we have listed in this blog, will help you see results quicker than ever before!

What are the best AI marketing tools that I should be using?

Get ahead of the trend and start implementing AI marketing tools into your marketing strategies today!

Read our list of the best AI marketing tools that are guaranteed to help explode your digital marketing efforts in 2024. These AI marketing tools are some of the best tools around that we have personally used and helped take our digital marketing campaigns to a whole other level in 2024!

Our Top 5 Best AI Marketing Tools

  1. Surfer SEO (perfect for optimising SEO blogs)
  2. Jasper AI (perfect for copywriting)
  3. Grammarly (perfect for content editing)
  4. Albert AI (perfect for digital advertising)
  5. (perfect for business presentations)

What is an AI marketing tool?

So what actually is an AI marketing tool? Well whether you are an SEO executive, a blogger, a content writer, an affiliate marketer, a social media marketer or something else within the digital space, AI marketing tools are most likely part of your monthly strategies without you even realising it.

AI marketing tools come in all shapes and sizes and all provide different services however it is essentially just software that uses artificial intelligence technology which is business focused and helps the user make a decision by using data and drawing insights into an automated conclusion that is displayed in a visually appealing and easy way for the user of the artificial intelligence marketing tool to understand. From here the user can draw a conclusion from the AI marketing tool and use it in their everyday digital marketing strategies.

The data that AI marketing tools rely on is data that is collected and then analysed together with digital marketing trends. The main purpose of an AI marketing tool is to quickly and efficiently analyse a set group of data and inform the user on what to anticipate based on data within their marketing strategies.

These tools are used in everything from social media marketing to search engine optimization!

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Tool


Surfer SEO is an AI marketing tool that is designed to aid marketers in optimizing their written content for search engines such as Google. It is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to optimise their SEO content and take it to the next level so you can get your written content ranking in the top positions on search engine result pages.

Surfer SEO helps users to optimize their written online content such as blogs, articles, landing page content, posts and more. It pulls data from the top-ranking pages on Google search engine result pages and analyses the on-page content on those pages by using over five hundred on-page signals.

As a digital marketer, you would use this AI tool when you are writing a blog post and want it to rank high up in search engine result pages. You essentially type the keyword you want to appear for within the AI marketing tool and press enter.

Surfer SEO will then analyse all the top-ranking pages for that keyword and provide you with a list of content that will help you to optimize your blog so it can also rank on Google. The main principle of Surfer SEO is that it will provide you with all the on-page aspects your competitors use and help you apply them to your blog. By adding information such as additional relevant keywords and different content structures you can also rank on Google for the keyword you want to target.


  • SERP Analyzer – Provides a detailed and in-depth look at the search engine result page for a keyword you want to analyze. It provides a breakdown of the keyword density, partial match keywords, average word count, hidden content, page speed, alt text and character count. This is useful to help improve your content and compare it against competitors when completing competitor research.
  • Content Editor – Helps you write content that is optimized for search engines so you can rank above all the other competitors for a certain keyword or search term.
  • In-built Natural Language Processing Feature – Helps you find the sentiment of search results.
  • Keyword Research Tool – Helps you identify and search for relevant keywords within your niche that you may want to target.


  • Provides results quickly. Takes seconds to load up a content editor about a certain keyword and receive hundreds of phrases and keywords to use in your blog.
  • A must-use tool for any SEO that wants to see results when writing content that needs to rank for a specific keyword or search term.
  • Great support team.
  • An easy-to-use interface that is visually appealing.
  • Fairly easy to pick up and understand the features straight away.


  • No free trial.
  • Uses a credit system that can be costly.
  • Plans can be costly for small businesses that have small budgets for SEO.


The pricing is one of the downfalls of Surfer SEO however for such a good and necessary tool for anybody looking to improve the SEO of their website, it is definitely a premium we would suggest you pay.


Basic Plan – $49 per month.


Pro Plan (Recommended) – $99 per month.


Business Plan – $199 per month.


Perfect for:

SEO Executives and people looking to improve their website rankings against their competitors for certain keywords and search terms on search engines such as Google!

Our Rating:

Personally, I believe that if you are in the content writing field and are looking to try and get your website and blogs to rank for a specific search term or keyword, Surfer SEO and its content editor is the best AI tool on the market. It is an essential must-have and is the perfect example of how AI integration can work so well but still help you create content that is unique, engaging and does not go against Google’s guidelines.

We rate Surfer SEO an 8/10.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI Tool


Jasper AI has taken the world by storm in the past few months and to be honest with you, this AI tool is quite frankly astonishing. Jasper AI is an intuitive artificial intelligence copywriting tool that helps you create blog articles, ad copy, social media posts and AI-generated images 10x faster than you could write them yourself. It uses machine learning and AI to help you create an engaging and creative copy in a matter of minutes!

All you have to do is input what you want the AI tool to write about using a prompt and it will do as you say, creating original and creative content with very few limitations in a matter of seconds. It is crazily good! So much so that I wish I had access to this tool back in school because homework would simply take a matter of seconds with Jasper AI being able to create high-quality content blogs including creative titles and even images and can even create social media captions for a certain platform such as Instagram.

As a digital marketer, you can use Jasper AI in a selection of different ways as the AI tool is so creative. The platform is at the mercy of your free will and creativity. All you need to do is prompt it and it will provide you with a unique piece of high-quality written content. Using this tool to your advantage you could save hours on marketing tasks such as creating detailed and humourous social media posts for the month, help you get ideas when you hit writer’s block, help you create high-quality content for your website landing page, help you create an email template to send out to clients, a full fledge blog post or even create little bits of code.

The possibilities with Jasper AI are in your hands and your creativity. The limits are endless. Furthermore, as AI is becoming the future more and more of the digital marketing world may begin to lean on AI, the quicker you can get used to AI copywriting tools such as Jasper AI, the more of an advantage you will get out of it in the future with jobs such as AI copywriters who know how to prompt and use the service efficiently.


  • Content Creation – Anything from blogs and articles to social media captions, this feature of Jasper AI allows you to simply enter a prompt and Jasper AI will follow this command. It can help you create high-quality content in a matter of minutes and all you need to do is provide the AI machine with prompts and it will continue to build upon what it is creating. The content makes sense and is engaging, it is truly remarkable.
  • Document Editor – The content that Jasper AI creates is put into an easy-to-use document editor that provides you with all the necessary tools to customize and edit the information Jasper AI has provided you with. From editing titles, images and the actual written content itself, Jasper AI gives you full control over the content it produces.
  • Sentence Rewriting Machine – Not only can Jasper AI create unique content out of very little but it can also take your own content you give it and rephrase it in a different way. This is ideal if you are looking for a better way to write a sentence without it seeming too replicative. Not only can Jasper AI rewrite your own content but it also has features to fix the grammar and an option to “explain it to a 5-year-old” which is great to simplify technical subjects and jargon.
  • Jasper Templates – Jasper provides useful templates of content you may want to use straight off the bat. This includes blog posts, social media captions, product reviews, Google ads and email marketing campaigns.

Tone of Voice Customizer – This feature can let you set the tone of how you want the text Jasper AI creates to sound like. You could ask it to provide the information in a more humourous and intelligent way or even get it to write in the style of your favourite author!


  • Provides a great starting block to build marketing content.
  • Can help brainstorm ideas.
  • Saves time by providing information and facts within seconds.
  • Can create all sorts of written content in minutes.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Is at the forefront of AI copywriting tools.


  • Has difficulty with creating content on highly technical topics which an expert is required for.
  • Plagiarism detector feature costs extra.
  • Not ideal for SEO as Google does not approve of AI content and labels it as spam content.
  • May be factually incorrect and biased at some points.
  • Can be generic and vague around a topic.
  • Can not respond to real-life events or daily news.


Starter Plan – $29.00 per month (20,000 words).


Boss Mode – $59.oo per month (50,000 words).


Business Plan – Contact Jasper.AI.


Perfect for:

Jasper AI is a great tool for anyone who is looking to speed up their productivity when it comes to written content and copywriting that needs quick access to relevant factual information and also wants to create engaging copy. It is ideal for blogging, copywriting, social media marketing, creating ad campaigns and setting up email mailers.

Our Rating:

At the end of the day there is a reason there is so much hype around these AI content creation tools and the more they progress and develop the better they are going to get. Although they aren’t recommended for SEO, if you use the AI tool as a way to gather ideas, grab quick factual information, create social media posts and spin it off into your own style, you are guaranteed success. Jasper AI is a great tool to help step up your written content creation and is a great AI marketing tool for anyone who is looking to up their written content game.

We rate Jasper AI an 8.5/10.

3. Grammarly



Grammarly is an artificial intelligence grammar assistant tool that comes in both an app and chrome extension form to help check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing tone, plagiarism and more. It can be used on almost all browsers and different platforms and is free to download.

The AI grammar assistant is a must-have for any digital marketer that creates online written content. Whether that is creating a document in Google docs or Microsoft word it is important that you ensure your spelling and grammar are on point at all times, especially if you work in-house at a company or for a digital marketing agency. Making a positive impression on your customers and readers is always a must and if you have content that is unreadable, spelt wrong and just doesn’t flow well it is going to make readers bounce away and potentially disregard your brand as disingenuous and spam. This is something you definitely want to avoid and Grammarly can be your guardian angel on this front. By ensuring that your content is always written professionally and spelt correctly, customers are instantly trustworthy of your brand and are not put on the edge straight away, that is why Grammarly is one of the most necessary ai powered marketing tools available online.

To use Grammarly all you need to do is install the browser extension or head to the Grammarly app where you can input and edit your written content. It will provide you features on where to correct spelling, improve grammar and punctuation, check for plagiarism and even provide you with key areas to improve to match the tone of voice you want to fit for that particular article. The built-in browser extension gives you options to edit and correct your text on everything from emails to social media posts and is one of the most recommended marketing tools out there.


  • Correctness – The AI tool will ensure that all your spelling is correct and that your writing is mistake-free.
  • Tone Suggestion – This feature provides guidance on how to write your content for a particular topic. This feature is great for tough-to-write emails and informative copywriting.
  • Full Sentence Rewrites – This helps you to tidy up hard-to-read sentences and allows your content to flow nicely for your reader so it is easier to understand.

Custom Style Guides – This feature is ideal for businesses or teams that want to create content in a similar tone of voice and have personal brand language optimization. This tool helps all your content sound consistent by encouraging language and tones unique to your own personal brand.


  • Helps your businesses written content seem more professional with correctness and sentence rewrite features.
  • It comes alongside a plagiarism checker.
  • Works with different variations of English.
  • It is easily accessible and works on most platforms.
  • It does more than just spell-check words.
  • The platform and extension are easy to use.


  • It can sometimes incorrectly deem certain words or phrases as incorrect.
  • Often takes a while to load on large pieces of content, especially when you are using the Grammarly extension.
  • It currently only works for the English language.


For Individuals – Free (includes browser extension and basic spell check and grammar features).


Premium – $25 per month (access to all free Grammarly features plus style guide, snippet, brand tones, analytics dashboard and more).


For Businesses – $25 per member per month (access to everything in premium).


Perfect for:

We recommend Grammarly for all digital marketers whether you are a copywriter, blogger or a social media manager, when it comes to creating a written platform for your business or a client it is pivotal that you ensure that your grammar and spelling are in check at all times and as the basic version of Grammarly is free to download, it is a must use for anyone creating written content marketing campaigns.

Our Rating:

When it comes to AI-powered marketing tools Grammarly is a must-have and due to its free-to-access nature and is accessible on the majority of platforms and web browsers, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not using it as a digital marketer. We recommend that everyone gets Grammarly if they are creating written content online as it is that great a tool.

We rate Grammarly a 9.5/10.

4. Albert AI



Albert AI is the world’s first in artificial intelligence and integration with digital marketing. It is revolutionary in the sense that it can drive and create fully autonomous digital marketing campaigns for your business. It markets itself as a self-learning digital marketing ally and promises to automate different aspects of your digital marketing strategy. It is a cloud-based AI marketing platform that can create a fully-fledged digital marketing campaign but also complete this campaign at a scale and pace never seen before. It is simply revolutionizing the content marketing scene and is a one-of-a-kind content marketing tool.

Albert AI is the world’s first autonomous AI digital marketing tool meaning that it not only makes recommendations on marketing plans like other tools but also takes the action on them as well. It can manage, and make adjustments and improvements every day to campaigns and enables agile cross-channel management. It uses intelligent machine learning to perform simple tasks and can plan, build, optimize and report on all digital advertising campaigns.


  • Data Breakdown – Breaks down data to help you sculpt and customize your marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing Integration – Can be used across different aspects of digital marketing including email, written content and copy, paid marketing, social media management and more. It does this by connecting with your marketing tech stack.
  • Calander Management – Provides an easy-to-use and helpful calendar tool to plan your marketing campaigns.
  • Fast Start Campaigns – Can create and implement campaigns in weeks in existing ad accounts. Can help build budget allocation and campaigns quickly.
  • Moneyball Media – Helps to maximize overall performance across all channels.
  • Large Scale Personalization – Helps maximize and provide those personalized touches to all marketing campaigns for all micro audiences and niches.
  • No Shopper Left Behind – Ensures you reach new audience groups without spending more budget and money.


  • Easy to pick up and user-friendly.
  • A sophisticated platform that understands the needs of the business and products.
  • Increases your ad rate of ad spend whilst providing flexibility.
  • Saves you time marketing and advertising the products yourself.
  • Provides accurate data in regards to advertising and marketing your product and can see what target audience you need to focus your campaigns on.
  • Albert AI supports different marketing platforms including Google Ads, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Bing.
  • Helps improve efficiency for businesses in the marketing department.


  • The support team is not as good as some competitors.
  • Pricing can be costly for small businesses.
  • New technology that still has some teething issues.


Contact Albert AI sales team for individual pricing plans for your business.

Perfect for:

Albert AI is a paid media solution meaning it is ideal for digital marketers who are looking to optimize their paid digital marketing campaigns on paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

Our Rating:

We believe that Albert AI is the best-paid marketing tool on the market which analyses customer data and uses AI software to speed up and optimize paid media campaigns on all the typical digital marketing platforms that you may want to improve your customer acquisition on. This Ai marketing platform provides personal touches to the ad campaigns and ensures you reach new audience groups without overspending on the agreed budget.

We rate Albert AI a 7/10.



Overview: is one of the best AI marketing tools on the market providing the perfect AI platform for digital marketers that are often in meetings pitching ideas for their digital marketing campaigns or prospecting a new batch of clients and don’t have time to create those perfect presentation slides. is an artificial intelligence marketing tool that is revolutionizing the way marketers are using presentations whether that is in-person meetings or online training classes. The marketing AI tool is changing the game when it comes to people building eye-catching documents and presentations that look sleek and modern but also entice questions and engage others within meetings or presenting situations.

The design AI tool provides the ability for marketers to create high-quality and engaging presentation slides within minutes rather than the long and quite tedious process of creating presentation slides manually. Gone are the days of boring presentation slides and spending hours trying to search for the right template, has over 70 smart slides to help get you started and allows you to add content to the slides which will automatically be adapted by the advanced AI marketing tool to create you the perfect set of slides to present in minutes. It is the perfect tool if you are in rush to the next meeting and forgot to prepare your presentation beforehand!

To use all you need to do is pick from one of over 70 different smart slides and templates that the AI marketing platform provides. From here you can choose all types of presentations and digital documents you can edit and tune to your preference. The types of templates that provide are presentations such as flowchart slides, timelines, bar graphs, Gannt chart slides, SWOT analysis, Venn diagrams, image slides, infographic slides, data slides and more. Once selected, you can use the easy-to-use template editor to add your own content which the AI will begin to add to. The tool makes creating presentation slides 100% easier and more efficient saving you hours in the process.


  • A wide range of presentation slides – From sales pitches, marketing presentations, team learning, marketing plans, data overviews or something else, has over 70 smart presentation templates that are easy to edit to your own content.
  • Millions of stock photos and videos – The AI software also comes alongside a library of high-quality royalty-free images meaning you do not have to worry about any copywriter issues when it comes to adding photos or videos to your presentation slides.
  • Voice narration feature – You have the option to add a voice-over option that will present your slide presentation without the need for you to even be in the room. This is ideal for online presentations where you may need to teach something at a different time of recording.
  • Searchable slide library – The library is easily accessible providing you with a search function to help you identify the specific smart slide template or document you need for a certain presentation you may be using.
  • Easy editing features – Has incredibly easy-to-use and user-friendly interface and editing software. You can even set specific fonts, colourways and icons for each presentation so all your slides stay on brand to your business.


  • Can create a new presentation slide in minutes.
  • Easy-to-use editing interface.
  • Over 70 smart templates available such as flowchart slides, timelines, bar graphs, Gannt chart slides, SWOT analysis, Venn diagrams, image slides, infographic slides, data slides and more.
  • Engaging and eye-catching presentation slides.
  • Cloud-based so can access your documents from anywhere from one account.
  • Easy to collaborate with other members of your team on one presentation template.
  • Can be set to your brand’s voice, fonts, colours and logos.


  • Cannot re-edit the created presentation slides after exporting it.
  • No integration with presentation platforms such as Google Slides.
  • Limitations on how much and what types of content you can add to each set slide.
  • Pricing can be steep for small businesses.


Pro Plan – $12 per month (unlimited slides, version history, PowerPoint export, viewer analytics).


Team Plan – $50 per month (everything in Pro plus collaborative workspace, Powerpoint import, custom company theme and brand language, centralized slide library, custom template library).


Enterprise Plan – (everything in Team plus unlimited team resources, SAML SSO, user provisioning SCIM, audit events, dedicated onboarding, team training, priority support).


Perfect for: is one of the best AI marketing software tools on the market if you find that you are always in the need of creating and presenting new presentations in meetings but simply do not have the time to create high-quality slideshows and presentations for them. With you can create engaging and eye-catching presentations in a matter of minutes meaning even if you had a spare 5 minutes between individual meetings, you would still have time to create a new presentation slide with this AI tool which is something that would definitely not be possible without the help of this Ai marketing software.

Our Rating:

We absolutely love and we definitely recommend going for the pro plan as an individual if you want to save time when planning and creating presentation slides for your business meetings. Not only does it save you time but it also has some awesome-looking presentation templates that are guaranteed to engage your audience no matter what the topic is on. Not only this but the templates themselves are of high quality and easy to edit to your preference so even if you do not want the AI features of adding additional written content, the templates and easy editing format are enough to warrant paying for the service.

We rate an 8.5/10.


It is clear to see by the features and capabilities of some of the AI technology and artificial intelligence marketing tools on this list that AI is going to be hugely influential within the digital marketing space and if you are not already implementing some sort of AI technology within your digital marketing strategies you may already be on the backhand compared to your competitors.

Hopefully, this list has provided you with a solid breakdown of some of the best AI technology that is on the market at the moment and what a lot of digital marketers are already implementing into their strategies on a daily basis. As AI marketing platforms and tools begin to evolve and build upon their already strong base, it is clear to see that digital marketing and advertising online will only begin to revolve more and more around these tools as they begin to evolve and learn more. Who knows, we might be seeing an AI takeover of the world before we know it!

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 Disclosure: Some links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to HandL Blogs at no cost to you if you decide to purchase through these links. These are products we have personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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